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Speculating advances in biotechnology and food science, UnTill explores a circular economy taken to its extreme. This project imagines a future world in which food is never wasted, with scraps instead regrown in a regenerative machine. Access to fresh produce would become contingent on access to scraps, making food waste a new form of currency. The machine occupies a space between biology and technology, utopia and dystopia, asking us to question our relationship to tech and natural resources when faced with something as fundamental as nourishing our bodies. Questioning systems of food, waste, and economics, UnTill is evidence of an alternate world made tangible within our existence, prompting viewers to ponder the larger implications of such a reality.


2017 Exhibition Team: Jacqui Bush, Karen Lewis, Anna-Gabrielle Tremblay

Exhibition design for the NSCAD 2017 Design Grad Show. Created within the Port Loggia Gallery in Halifax, the exhibition showcased the work of the 19 members of the graduating Design class. 10 wooden panels were used to divide the space, allowing each student 24 sq. ft featuring a panel and gallery wall in which to display their work. Graphic elements of the show’s branding were incorporated into the exhibition, creating a cohesive framework for the show.



This conceptual chess set is inspired by Maslow's hierarchy of needs, combining the hierarchical nature of the game with the pyramid of needs that make up human motivation. Each piece reflects a tier of the pyramid of needs, its form creating an abstraction of a traditional chess piece that speaks to the need it represents. Modelled in Rhino 3D, the set draws on repeating geometric forms that test the limit of what is possible in 3D rendering and printing.
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The Nook Hook provides an opportunity for decorative creativity in the home entryway, while de-cluttering and simplifying the disorder typically found in this area. The design is eye-catching and playful, while maintaining functionality through its dual hook and cubby storage capabilities.

This multi-functional storage unit was created in response to the 2016 Canadian-Tire + Umbra Design Challenge. The challenge tasked participants with creating a product solution for issues of storage in the entryway, home office, or laundry room to be aimed at the Canadian Tire home decor target audience of young mothers. This design was chosen as a semi-finalist.

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