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Powershift Young & Rising was a youth convergence focused on climate justice and empowerment held in Ottawa in February 2019. The four-day event included a packed schedule of speakers and workshops.

This program included a welcome package with accessibility information, maps of the event locations, the schedule, and speaker and activity descriptions for each of the events held over the weekend. A limited number of full programs were printed for the convergence, and a condensed version was offered in print. The full version was accessible as an interactive pdf via smartphone throughout the event. 

Brand identity for the event by Laura Sirois. 


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Yiara Magazine is an annually published feminist art magazine showcasing visual and written works by Montreal undergraduate students.  

This year’s cover was inspired by the intimacy exhibited in the submitted works. Many of the submissions this year dealt with feminist themes through a personal lens, laying bare the contributors’ own experiences with sexual harassment and abuses of power. The grapefruit, tender and exposed, remains acidic and tart, illustrating that vulnerability itself can be radical.


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Design of the 2017 edition of Free Coffee, a non-juried student art publication produced annually by the Student Union of NSCAD University. This year’s edition was used in the University’s recruitment package; it was sent to high schools nationwide.

Cover design by Meg Spindler


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Good and Cheap is a cookbook written by Leanne Brown, with recipes designed for families living on the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps. This redesign frames the recipes in a simple and clean layout that a emphasizes the cost per meal, which remains under the SNAP guidelines of $4 per person per day.

Text and photos by Leanne Brown and Dan Lazin